Wednesday, February 8

My Girl Beyonce FINALLY steps out!! + Random fotos

Beyonceeeeee!!! Gadddeem tho! check out the curves on this woman! this is the biggest I've seen her o i swear. Her hips look as wide as mine!! and she's waay shorter than me so just imagine.. hmmmmm i'm so happy to finally see a foto of dis babe after one month (when she had Baby Blue)

She went out for a Jay Z charity concert. Nas and Alicia Keys also performed. I cant explain how much i respect Jay Z and Nas for not only squashing their beef, but also for having so much respect for one another. I mean its just amazing. That's really how grown men should handle things. Jay Z will always be ahead of them boys cos they will always remain boys.

And other random pics of my sweetheart Rihanna



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  1. those b's hips ehn i dont gerrit o.she's just hot like that.