Tuesday, February 21

i Suck

i Suck at sympathizing with people. i really don't usually know what to say except 'i'm so so sorry' 'this is sooo sad'. Empathizing is much easier for me cos at least i can express how i got thru my own situation at the time

i Suck at praying in Yoruba my own language o. I can speak it so damn well, but of course i still add some english words for sure. At my friends house back then every sunday, they used to do this morning prayer and after the whole thing each person now had to pray one by one. i used dreeeaaaddd for it to get to my turn. they did it age by age and i was the youngest so i was always last. we had to pray in yoruba. i used to add "and everything"at the end of everything i said LMAO! i sucked so baddd at praying ehn. whenever my turn came it was always comedy for everyone. Good thing tho (is it good Tunrayo ehn) is that if u were on ur period u would be exempted :D so i used to form menstrual pain saturday nights whenever i slept over looool!

i Suck at being sensitive in extreme sensitive situations (i think this is the same as the sympathizing one)

ok so thats all i Suck at.

deuces \ / (those are supposed to be 2 fingers hohohoho)


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