Tuesday, February 21

Reruns of my fav posts on dis sweet blog

My favourite posts on my blog are as follows:

oooook (my first post ever - here
Me and my friends high skool fight- here (hilariouss lol)
Throwback fotos....enjoy if u curr - here
Car issues (funny story) - here
Goldfish like me...smh - here
I love when couples have genuine fun #random - here
Levres Rouge (red lips)- here
Tunrayo Minaj (gettin my nicki minaj swag on..lol) here
Always Angry - here
Zodiac Sign Obession Sagittarius Woman - here and here
Bible Passage i Absolutely love! - here
I want to be famous - here
I cannot sleep ooo (my rat/frog/allergy stories lol) - here
Never let your past control your future - here
Blue Ivy Carterrr (mixture of my two lovers Jay n Bey) - here

Wooow! i don blog well sha. i remb that faithful day i started blogging....by mistake o. i was on word and wanted to open a new document, then the thing had two options of either new document or new blog post. i was like huh? so i went online, created a blog and BAM here we are today!



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