Tuesday, February 21

This Fedora has seen better days. I love it :)

Imagine, this fedora is only like 4 months old, but i have used like 10years out of it. i'm sure it cant wait to get missing/tear/fade or watever lol. as long as its in my possession torn, faded or not, i will keep rocking it.

Whenever i dont make my hair i just use to to where ever i'm going that day. Be it work or wherever. It has even made me lazy with all this woman woman hair making things.
This is me today. dats a wig under

The thing is gonna rest small from today sha, cos i'm going to do something to the hair finally!



  1. Thats the secret ehn. So if I ever see you in public with it on, i will shout- Tunmama go and make your hairrrrrrr, all just to cause a stare at you. LOL.

    1. Hahahaha! U want to destroy my career abi?

  2. I need to start wearing one of those-maybe when I grow an afro :)