Thursday, February 16

The Motto - Drizzy

*rapping* Now she want a photo, you already know tho, You Only Live Once, that's the Motto nigga Y.O.L.O, and we bout it errday, errday, errday, like we sittin on a bench nigga we don't really play, errday, errday, fuck what any body say, can't see em cos the money in the way REAL NIGGA WUSUUP!

I cannot get tired of this sonnngggg! that's just the hook sha. Its Drake feat Lil Wayne and the remix features Tyga. All 3 verses are awesome. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee go and listen to the song. its too catchy.

PS. there's this small girl i think 10years old on youtube who did her version of this song on. its soooo cute. her name is Young Lyrikkal check it out. sorry i cant post the link youtube is messing me up dis morn *rme*

PPS. i think i shall do a video of me rapping n swagging to this song n post it. lol

I'm out!


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