Tuesday, February 21

Last Saturday's breeze

Omooooo that's still the best weather I've ever experienced in my life in naija. Me and my friend were chiilin at this nice beach front when that pre-rain breeze just came from nowhere and it lasted like 30 mins before the rain started. That's the best outdoor feeling i've ever felt in my life. Thank you God for that breeze. It was a sign of hope for me and naija lol. I do not know why.

You know me now. I couldnt let a moment like that pass without me taking fotos. Lol

Ok now I'm going back to bed for real.



  1. LOL. Tunmama- there is sure hope for Nigeria. I like the maxi dress and the popping colours.

  2. thanks o jare! yea dats my friend in the maxi dress. i like my things skimpy ;)

  3. honeydame where is your comment na? i got the alert email but no comment here. abi did u delete it? :s