Friday, February 17

Unfair readers :(

Ahn Ahnnnn!! u pple are very unfair!! haba. since i discovered that i could track my blog stats, i have been able to see how many people visit my blog and how often they do. I must say my stats might not be as high as other blogs e.g Linda Ikeji *rme* (#beef), but i still have quite a number of readers. My issue is that u guys don't post comments :( o dun mi gon o (e pain me o) ahn ahn.

I'm kuku sure dat i might not even have one single comment on this post as well. it is weh. sha don't stop coming.

Happy reading and not commenting....peax out.


  1. I'm Guilty of the above offense but I promise to repent! Love your blog BTW :)

  2. LMao... U kukuma can't be referring to me. I comment but U no dey show face for my side....*eyeing you*
    Bye jooo


  3. Abi@HoneyDame
    wen u post comments sometimes
    u dnt get a reply
    dat not fair on us ooo
    but will drop from now on
    (try to)lolz



  4. Awwwwwww my babies!!! Oya sorry nowwwww truly you're right I don't reply all d time and me too I will be doing dat now. Yayyyy pple are commenting. Lol. Muah!!!

    Honeydamee my fave babe! On my way to ya blog now

  5. Ola muah! Going2 ur blog now too love

  6. ok, you have my comment.

  7. Hey looove! Dropping you some love from Washington,DC! I just came across ur blog but promise to be a loyal reader from now on!


  8. lol. I agree with Honeydame o. Tunmama I visit and read and also drop comments but you just show your brake lights with no words. *rolling eye*
    So begin to apologise now now and then read and reply your comments o.

  9. @ chloeeeee!!! yayyy girl. thanks for the love boo. read read read! lol

    @ missy tee oya no vex naaaa. una don enter am sef. i will be replying comments even when no one says anything. u asked for it. lol. love u guys.