Friday, February 17

Oh my!! Are these pics real?? Chris n Rihanna!!!!

I pride myself to be an expert at knowing if a photo is real or fake, but these photos look toooo real!! This is exactly what Chris and Rihanna both wore to the 2012 Grammy awards, so these snuggly pics seem like they cud be reall..hmmm loading........

Meanwhile the full length of Rihanna's song 'Birthday Cake' (the verson on her album is only 1:18 long) will be released on her birthday 20th of feb and she featured a certain singer and there are rumors it could be chris because they have both been spotted going to the same studio in the past few days. They sha seem to be around the same places at the same time. My body is shaking vigorously!!! I'm too excited. I soooo hope this is true!!

By the way, I think chris's new girl Karrueche *who he tattooed her face on his arm* is sooo pretty and she just seems very home girly. He shouldn't hurt her o. Let's see how things go sha.

pics courtesy

 Tunmama News Network (TNN)


  1. Not just photoshopped

  2. Hmmm these pple ehn. Web lerus wait n see *re-arranging myself on my chair*

  3. these pics have been photoshopped