Thursday, November 11

i cannot sleep oooo!!!! ☹

Its 2:39:18 AM and I can't sleep! What is dis now?? I love sleepin and I dey sleep. There is no light and dats so irritating and I slept early so I think I kno why I'm awake..mcheewww.

Anyways, abeg lemme gist u guys about my phobias and allergies. In d dark is not d best place neither is 2am d best time2 start talkin bout wat scares me, but dats wats comin2 my head rite now..

Frogs and Rats!! *typin dat alone is givin me mad ass goosebumps* My frog story, I was abroad (niger...woteva), den I think I was 7, and I quickly ran2 my neighbours house around 8pm without any shoes on. On my jolly way back, I felt somethin jump on my foot...OMG! OMG! I died on d spot! It felt all slimy and BIG! Arrgggghh it was a damn frog! U shud hav seen me dat day really, I ran home cryin like a fool, took a knife and was ready to cut off dat foot, I'm tellin u. If not for one of our 7 house helps (yup, we had 7 at a so..ask my mama), aunty ramota who saw me and took d knife away, only God knows. Till date, if I see as much as a tadpole, a part of me loses it.

I have 50million rat stories I tell u! Looool. Those things are my worst enemies!!! As iinnn! I hate rats wit a major major passion..they irritate d life out of me..I AM SCARED OF RATS!!! This one story, I was in secondary school (OTISS, one dead skool in abeokuta like dat) and it was in d middle of d nyt and I was on the lower bunk. So jus like 2nite, I cudnt sleep -or was it dat I went to pee? Any which way sha, I was on my bed and awake...wat did I asee on my locker?? One medium lookin rat with a white lookin line in between its eyes!! Mo gbe!! I covered myself up to my head, den slowly brot d wrapper unda my chin...oh boy! D tin still dey dia! Den with all d fear in me, I started sayin 'shoo, shoo,' like I was chasin away a damn dog or somn...guess whatv d tin didn't move! Aaahh! Nothing I didn't do dat nyt..but I was in bed sha. I used my hand to hit my shoe unda d bunk wit d bunk itself...lai lai d bloody babalawo lookin rat didn't go anywia! I even whispered my bunkmates name...still nothin..d tin didn't even move AT ALL! Some weird as rat dat was! Till today I always bliv d thing was sent to Call me superstitious....woteva...but eventually sha I jus covered my head again, and made up my mind dat U must sleep! So I forced myself2 sleep. Afta that, me and ratsa hav had sooo many encounters ehn..some made me cry, some made me sleepless, scared outta my life..and so wa.

Alergies, I'm allergic to seafood...dat one didn't start till early last year o! Before den I used to love shrimps men! But one day, I jus had seafood pizza, and I started vomittin, my throat started closin up and my neck started itchin!! I was like oookk, wats my own wit all dese oyinbo reactions?? Lol. I tot it was jus dat pizza o, until anoda day again, I had one special fried rice wit shrimps in it....sametin.. So now, even vegetable soup with 'ede' (crayfish) in it sometimes messes me up.

I think dats d only thing I'm allergic to..abi? I'll tell u wat I looove some oda fone battery is low, and I must publish dis

Good nyt / mornin my darlings..



  1. Omg, lol.
    You met "the oracle rat too"?! He was a regular in seniors' dorm. I can still see that demonic white line on it's head. Crazy mutant rat. I wonder what became of it. You forgot tha rasta rat that jumped on you in transit 3?!

  2. ur kiddin me!! so it was a popular rat??? damnn! at least now i feel a bit better that the damn thing wasnt sent to me...rasta rat in transit 3 was u fay, don't even go there. somethin dat was romancing ur thigh wen u were its rats dat do it for u now?? how sad

  3. OMG ok tunz this one tops them all forget the gold fish story this one got me cracking up in the office like am not the only one scared of rats ok

  4. hey,i thot that rat was cute,wat wiv d white line nd all.tunmama ur blog is hilarious! luvyah!

  5. thanks bukie! which bukie is dis please?