Monday, November 15

Car issues!!!! thank God i'm thru with that

Sup fellas!

hmmmm i was just gisting with my colleague about the days wen i used to have car very first car was a Kia Optima 2005 model (sounds very sweet abi? hmmm if only you knew)... i bot it off an older friend at a very good price...seeing that we were in 2009 then and i was offered a 2005 car at such a price, i flew on the opportunity...remembering now, my cousin lekan really warned me about that car. What's sad is that, whatever he warns me about always ends up blowing up in my face...nigga got juju or somn.. anyhoo, i bot the car (despite the fact that the person who sold it to me said the car was used to take his kids out...u can imagine me still buying it) Sha, my life didn't remain the same once i bot the car...just so you know, i didn't know how to drive. i learnt how to drive within a week tho *big grin* thanks to Tony a guy in our office. i had a few scratches on my own with parked cars (yes i was dat stupid and rough). As in i actually scratched my car on a parked danfo in obalende.. The danfo was condemned as in no tyres nothing, and i was driving too close to it so instead of me to reverse and re-adjust, lai lai, i just completed my stupidity and completely dragged the car to the end... everyone was lookin at me like i was mad...i gave them one look ehn, like screw u! its my car!!! lmao!!

Then my mechanic was just an agent of the devil who was sent to come and milk my already low bank account... the cheapest thing i ever fixed in that car was 2,500naira..yup the CHEAPEST! spending on that car became very normal that even me when the car has no issues, becos of fear of it disgracing me, i wud call the mechanic to come and check it out...and mr lati would gladly say there was a problem...*sigh* my life.... Many times that that car has disgraced me...lemme give you anoda instance.

Sometime in Decemebr last year, myself and my friend Sunmbo went for a show at the Oriental Hotel in Lekki. The show was 'One night with 2face'. Anyways, i was driving in front of her, and she was driving right behind me.. we were driving there with no wahala o! i had my ac on, blasting music, noddin my head and all. As we approached the gate guess what happend? My wondaful car stopped right in the middle of the the middle as in half the car was in the gate and half was outside.. you can't even begin to understand the feeling dat i felt from the inside..i almost shat in my seat.. i came out in my cute dress and there were like 20 cars lined up behind me!!!! honking like trailer drivers...ahh i almost died! it was an automatic car, not much could be done immediately..den after like 3 minutes of horror film, some guys there now came to my rescue..the car didn't start o..but they pushed soo hard because it was an automatic car...we sha spent like 15minutes tryin to get my car away from the entrance so people could come in and see 2face...i swear i was embarrased.. i was so embarrased ehn!

Sha sha, that one ended and i went in and enjoyed the show, and after that the foolish thing started at one try...imagine that..

Glory be to God, i have changed the f**king car that gave me sleepless nyts and restless days! thanks to Sunmbo who sold me a much better car which i have been driving for 4 months now...the highest i have spent on that car is 400naira! imagine!! that kia was obviously a punishment for something which i still don't know, and i hope that's the only punishment i'm gettin!



  1. looooooooooooool tunz this is madt i can't stop laughing so u were feeling like car owner then abi?ur lucky u bought a new one

  2. You know the meaning of KIA???"Killed In Action",thank God it's off your hands.