Monday, February 27

Baby Blue goes out.

Beyonce takes her baby girl out with Jay. She dare not wear heels lol. Shebi she's crazy about heels and even wore them when she was pregnant. Wo don't mind me jare I'm jus yapping away:


Friday, February 24

More Auto-correct fuckups.. LOL

All them 'i' products can so embarrass someone. lol. i've done a post on this in the past, check it here 

Enjoy more (explicit sha):

there are tons more on the site i got it from F You, Auto Correct

Have a fun weekend like i will!


Don't do Drugs!!! Macaulay Culkin and Linday Lohan

Macaulay Culkin from movies like Home Alone and My Girl is 31 years old. Lindsay Lohan from movies like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls is 25. Please look at these 2 child stars and what has become of them these days.
Lindsay looks 48 while Culkin looks i dunno 60? Damn son

Then look at Lindsay's teeth:

If this is truly drugs then men shit is scary! it took 50years outta these pple men. No point even trying it seeing that its addictive and destructive!!


Tuesday, February 21

This grandma and her sugar son aren't kidding o

I'm sure u guys saw a few wedding pics over the weekend of one oyinbo mama (or was it a tranny :s) tying the wedding knot at Ikoyi cemetery registry. Well a new pic has surfaced oo of them at the airport lmfaoooo!! The guy's dreams are coming true fastttt! I'm sure the guy used to sell recharge cards somewhere. He looks like one card seller dude in my area. O ga ju. See the cute couple:

What the HELL could these two be talking about I want to know!!?!?


This Fedora has seen better days. I love it :)

Imagine, this fedora is only like 4 months old, but i have used like 10years out of it. i'm sure it cant wait to get missing/tear/fade or watever lol. as long as its in my possession torn, faded or not, i will keep rocking it.

Whenever i dont make my hair i just use to to where ever i'm going that day. Be it work or wherever. It has even made me lazy with all this woman woman hair making things.
This is me today. dats a wig under

The thing is gonna rest small from today sha, cos i'm going to do something to the hair finally!


Reruns of my fav posts on dis sweet blog

My favourite posts on my blog are as follows:

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Wooow! i don blog well sha. i remb that faithful day i started mistake o. i was on word and wanted to open a new document, then the thing had two options of either new document or new blog post. i was like huh? so i went online, created a blog and BAM here we are today!



i Suck

i Suck at sympathizing with people. i really don't usually know what to say except 'i'm so so sorry' 'this is sooo sad'. Empathizing is much easier for me cos at least i can express how i got thru my own situation at the time

i Suck at praying in Yoruba my own language o. I can speak it so damn well, but of course i still add some english words for sure. At my friends house back then every sunday, they used to do this morning prayer and after the whole thing each person now had to pray one by one. i used dreeeaaaddd for it to get to my turn. they did it age by age and i was the youngest so i was always last. we had to pray in yoruba. i used to add "and everything"at the end of everything i said LMAO! i sucked so baddd at praying ehn. whenever my turn came it was always comedy for everyone. Good thing tho (is it good Tunrayo ehn) is that if u were on ur period u would be exempted :D so i used to form menstrual pain saturday nights whenever i slept over looool!

i Suck at being sensitive in extreme sensitive situations (i think this is the same as the sympathizing one)

ok so thats all i Suck at.

deuces \ / (those are supposed to be 2 fingers hohohoho)


Last Saturday's breeze

Omooooo that's still the best weather I've ever experienced in my life in naija. Me and my friend were chiilin at this nice beach front when that pre-rain breeze just came from nowhere and it lasted like 30 mins before the rain started. That's the best outdoor feeling i've ever felt in my life. Thank you God for that breeze. It was a sign of hope for me and naija lol. I do not know why.

You know me now. I couldnt let a moment like that pass without me taking fotos. Lol

Ok now I'm going back to bed for real.


And they drop 2 songsss :D chris n rihanna. Dynamic duo. Lol

Well these days, waking up in the middle of the night by mistake to pee, is fast becoming one special moment I look forward to. Why, because it is around this time that all they new new juicy gists come out. This is also because naija time, middle of the night is yankee's day time therefore...yea wateva.

Anyhoo, Rihanna has released the remix/full version of her song "birthday cake" and like i said earlier :D it is truly featuring her back-den man. Please go and find it on YouTube. Very sweet something. Very controversial too. See how chris was reminiscing n all. Hmmm.

Then Chris Brown also released the remix to his song "Turn up the Music" (which I love the original soooo much) and it feats rihanaaa!!

Lol these people like controversy sha. I don't even care what dey do with themselves, but that chris's new babe is just toooo cute. He shouldn't hurt that babe o. next thing they will start performing on stage togeda, collecting awards togeda etc... Let us be seeing sha.

PS. I can tell rihanna wants more out of this dan chris. Seeing the he has visibly (hopefully) moved on but she hasn't. This is my own insight on this. Na wa o.

By the way yesterday was her birthday sef. My sexy baby.

I'm going back to bed. I still have 3hours 30 mins of sleep to go....zzzzzzzz


Sunday, February 19

God bless you and yours

Happy Sunday, God bless you and yours.

This is not due to lack of nothing to write (lol) in fact I am actually awake at this time because I blocked someone's car with mine and they woke me up just a few mins ago to come and move. They were going to church and had been knocking since 6am. My brother was trying to qacify them and I went outside and showed some woman skills (argued) instead of me to just apologise and go. I feel bad now sha. I pray they don't remb me wen the pastor asks them to rebuke their enemies AMEN!! *whew*

So God bless you all, and as we're starting this new week may your hear desires continue to be heard by the good lord and may he continue to answer them.

Love you.


Friday, February 17

Unfair readers :(

Ahn Ahnnnn!! u pple are very unfair!! haba. since i discovered that i could track my blog stats, i have been able to see how many people visit my blog and how often they do. I must say my stats might not be as high as other blogs e.g Linda Ikeji *rme* (#beef), but i still have quite a number of readers. My issue is that u guys don't post comments :( o dun mi gon o (e pain me o) ahn ahn.

I'm kuku sure dat i might not even have one single comment on this post as well. it is weh. sha don't stop coming.

Happy reading and not commenting....peax out.

LMAO! naija won't kill me. Funny pic of Jay and Beyonce

LMAO see what they did to my babies :( is it good?

Oh my!! Are these pics real?? Chris n Rihanna!!!!

I pride myself to be an expert at knowing if a photo is real or fake, but these photos look toooo real!! This is exactly what Chris and Rihanna both wore to the 2012 Grammy awards, so these snuggly pics seem like they cud be reall..hmmm loading........

Meanwhile the full length of Rihanna's song 'Birthday Cake' (the verson on her album is only 1:18 long) will be released on her birthday 20th of feb and she featured a certain singer and there are rumors it could be chris because they have both been spotted going to the same studio in the past few days. They sha seem to be around the same places at the same time. My body is shaking vigorously!!! I'm too excited. I soooo hope this is true!!

By the way, I think chris's new girl Karrueche *who he tattooed her face on his arm* is sooo pretty and she just seems very home girly. He shouldn't hurt her o. Let's see how things go sha.

pics courtesy

 Tunmama News Network (TNN)

Thursday, February 16

The Motto- Tunmama

And i didnt even waste time hohohoho...... Here you go:

real nigga wusuuuuuuuuuuup *mean mug*

PS. this was done in the office (hence whatever reservations you may have)


The Motto - Drizzy

*rapping* Now she want a photo, you already know tho, You Only Live Once, that's the Motto nigga Y.O.L.O, and we bout it errday, errday, errday, like we sittin on a bench nigga we don't really play, errday, errday, fuck what any body say, can't see em cos the money in the way REAL NIGGA WUSUUP!

I cannot get tired of this sonnngggg! that's just the hook sha. Its Drake feat Lil Wayne and the remix features Tyga. All 3 verses are awesome. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee go and listen to the song. its too catchy.

PS. there's this small girl i think 10years old on youtube who did her version of this song on. its soooo cute. her name is Young Lyrikkal check it out. sorry i cant post the link youtube is messing me up dis morn *rme*

PPS. i think i shall do a video of me rapping n swagging to this song n post it. lol

I'm out!


Tuesday, February 14

My Valentine Theme Song "To be Loved"- by Jackie Wilson

Happy Valentine's Day darlings. Go and read about the whole Valentine's Day gon gon on Wikipedia-Valentine's Day

My theme song for today is 'To Be Loved' by Jackie Wilson.

You will remember this song from the movie 'Coming to America' the part where Hakeem takes Lisa out on their first date at the restaurant where they profess their love for each other and kiss for the first time. Try to sing it...

Here are the lyrics:

Someone to care

Someone to share

Lonely hours and moments of despair

To be loved, to be loved

Oh what a feeling to be loved

Someone to kiss

Someone to miss

When you're away

To hear, from each day

To be loved( to be loved)

To be loved (to be loved)

Oh what a feeling to be loved

Some wish to be a king or a queen

Some wish for fortune and fame

But to be, truly, truly, truly loved is

More than all of these things

Someone to kiss

Someone to miss

When you're away to hear, from each day

To be loved, to be loved, to be loved

Oh what a feeling to be loved

To be loved (to be loved)

To be loved (to be loved)

Oh baby, what a feeling

To be loved
I love you all :* 

Monday, February 13

Grammys 2012 Nicki Minaj Looked FOOLISH on the Red Carpet

I can now officially sayi am ONLY a fan of Nicki's music. Her extreme thirst to make a fashion statement always falls right between the lines of stupidity and foolishness. I mean really girl, being semi-normal wont kill you. This isnt even who you are! u are just forcing it. Please my darling, please just STOP *crying*

Mchewww. And this her Roman alter ego is even my fave, and she wants to ruin it for me. stoopid geh

Sunday, February 12

Rest In Peace Whitney Houston

I can't believe she was ONLY 48 years old. What a young woman!!! I really thought she was much older. Damn life really ran through her. I actually wept when I woke up this morn and heard the news. Her mother is actually still alive :( May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace with the lord. May God grant her only daughter strength to get through this period. AMEN.

August 9th 1963 - February 11th 2012

Saturday, February 11

Rihanna posts are what I do best!

My zarling rhirhi:

hot as usual. Something I would wear. But not in naija. Military men will strip you naked! So I heard o hmmmm. I only put on my camo hat at the beach....with a little fear in me still. Lol

Picture credits to


Wooooooow!! Just when thought I won't see Blue until she's like 5 or something, I see her!! She's beautiful!!! she looks soooo much like the two of them!

Jay is such a happy dad!!! Wow I'm soooo happy I woke up to pee!! Baby Blue!! Congrats once again to Beyonce and Shawn!! Wooohoo!!