Tuesday, November 9

NLC strike...our country sha

Evening ladies, gentlemen, ghosts!

i totally do not follow the news, as in, i only buy encomium if i want to read anythin about naija..lol. but i was going thru a blog that i always check (shout out to www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com) and i read about this 'strike' NLC is planning for midnight today. hmmmmmm they want minimum wage to be 18,000naira! WTF! its currently 7,500! its just soo funny that in naija people in high places are doing big things, the cake for the 50th naija celebration alone i heard was like 72million naira or so! and 18,000naira is now a problem??? lmao!

Then i also read that Goodluck is sayin they can only agree for 17,000naira and that NLC should not strike because of 1,800naira.. is this a flippin joke? i hav died!! infact ehn, i'm speechless. i know that corpers still earn like 9,500naira, monthly so i shud have guessed the minimum wage. its jus soo sad that our country is the way it is. God please please i am on my knees (not this minute sha) begging for a divine intervention in this our country...we need to stop suffering and smilin haba! Fela died since naa, and things neva even change..o ga o! Just so you kno, as of July 2010, the minimum wage in France was €1,343.77 (in naira N.288,910.55). When will we grow in dis country ooo?? 

i hope i am making sense sha seeing that i kno close to nothing about news...lol

Have a lovely evening all.



  1. I think it is little more complicated than just raising the minimum wage. The greatest pressure on the average Nigerian does not come from the size of income but from inflation. The real enemy of the working Nigerian right now is the double digit inflation that the country is facing. You cannot respond to economic hardship simply by doling out more cash to people. This can have catastrophic consequences in the likes of the Zimbabwe situation.
    The NLC is extremely myopic if they believe that the plight of the average Nigerian will be improved simply by an 18000 minimum wage. The problems of the Nigerian Economy are far more complex and must be addressed on a holistic level as opposed to just giving out more money. It will be in the better interest of the Nigerian worker if the NLC instead holds the government hostage demanding improved infrastructure and economic productivity. This will then gradually lead to better pay and controlled inflation. I just dont see the sense in getting up and marching for an 18000 minimum wage. what difference will it make ?

  2. hmmm i really didnt view it from that angle.. i was jus more concerned bout the increase in the minimum wage and how little it is, but truly u are right. the ecomomy is our major problem. prices are just inflating anyhow..if the govt shud agree to this minimum wage increase, they will sure bite our asses when the price up fuel will increase or even pure water! the issues in nigeria is jus too much. u can just imagine govt selling PHCN to a private company! 100% of PHCN! what does the future hold for us in this country?