Thursday, November 4

Jay Z!! love of my rap life!!!

Hi!! ok i'm still very excited so forgive me if i post rubbish, but now i just want to talk about jay z...

He is just sooo amazing. i dunno where to start from , but i love every single thing he raps about. he raps sooooo deep! People talk about Illuminati blah blah, but i really don't give a sh*t bout all dat. me I'm listening to music and enjoying the beat and tryin to hear the I'm not gonna start breaking down hs lyrics here now, but one day, i will have a post strictly for his lyrics and u guys MUST So sha, he's my fav rap artist, and he's Sagittarius like moi! i see how we think alike don't hate.. he's actually my brother's birthday mate! (Dec 4th) sooooooo he's also married to Beyonce who i love like maaad! She shud plsss have a baby for him now... i respect whatever it is they have planned out for their baby making future (NOT), but abeg jay z is 41 dis year na haba!

Ok so lemme give u guys some of his pictures and sign out!

Sometime soon i'll hit u guys up with my other loves- trey songzzzz, nicki minaj, teeto ceemos, beyonce, edris elba...etc sha