Friday, November 5

Entertainment and I

Good morning darlings! Sleep well? At work? Home? Road? 

Anyhoo, I have always wanted to work in the entertainment industry. As what, i don't know..i really wanted (still do) to work at a radio station with my own segment where i can like diss artisits, really criticize and also praise a couple. ..i pray it still manifests. i'm such a freak when it comes to i said yesterday, rap is my fav, but i love funky house music, r n b and small rock..i really used to hate naja music, but so many people have come out in the last few years that have changed my mind- MI, dagrin (RIP), teeto, Naeto C (loove his style), wande coal (hehe), KAS!!!(my future husband), skales, vector, pype and some others. These people have really mad songs men as in i actually dance and sweat to their songs...and there are some i cannot stand AT ALL! not sure if wanna mention names incase of future bizness opportunity (call me hypocrite na u sabi), but one day when i'm in my don't-give-a-shit mood, trust me to call em out! 

Then i am soooooooo camera shy! I hate talkin to a crowd..even in secondary school, ordinary to lead assembly was work for me..come and hear stammering. Chai! i just go straight to Songs of Praise rock of ages and co. So to actually BE on tv! aaaahhh, i would prolly shit myself during the auditions.

As for fashion, not really, as in, i am as tomboy as can be..thank God for breast, yansh and hips- maybe i would have actually been a guy.. i have had dreadlocks, i only had my first real heels like 2 or 3 years ago and to get another sef was wahala, but what ever i wear compliments me...thank the lord. 

I follow foreign entertainment like i am being paid! If my kinda song comes out today, trust me to have it within the hour..then for news, i have my current site..check out if you are interested in stuff like that. 

Ok o, thats it for now, when i think of more stuff, i'll come back during my lunch break!


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  1. i think u have a good sense for music maybe u should try it it might help u get over been shy as for ur dress sense its not all that tomboy jor plix stop deceiving ya'self *bb smilie*