Monday, November 8

Good morning!! my weekend....

Gooodd morninnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sooo sorry I didn’t blog this weekend aside from Saturday morning. I couldn’t bring myself to blog from my phone jare, it was too annoying. Hope y’all had a nice weekend? Mine was cool o. I went out with my friends all weekend…we were taking our leg wherever there was music…dance dance dance, and forget your sorrows! We were givin them anyhow…lol. I’m hooked on fun!!

Aside from all the fun, I also made a discovery of one of my friends this weekend. We do all sorts of stuff we are really really good friends and I have soooo much love for her, but I found out this weekend how she was saying stuff  behind my back…like WOW! Dude, we were together like 3 days ago and u were all smiles with me. It’s crazy tho how envious your friends can be of you… someone you eat with, sleep in the same bed with, share stuff with is actually hating on you deep down! As in people please watch ur back o! enemies are closer than u freaking think!!!

Anyhoo, f**k the haters! Now I’m in the office, about to plug in my earphones and start bumpin some jay z / nicki minaj. Pump some aggression in my veins! That’s what I’m in the mood for this morning. Maybe by afternoon I’ll play shina peters in his afro juju era and not this new rubbish he’s trying to do now. He shud just do like remixes of all his old songs (pelemo pelemo pelemo, shina peters lo l’afro juju, afro juju ooo the difference is clear, ki lon pe ni founder? Oludasileeee….looool). he could feature like MI on one, then 2face and so on. That one will sell soooo much than him trying to come out with new shit. We are busy listening to cooler stuff so please if you know him or his peeps, abeg help me tell them. Tanz.
What do you guys think of p square? You love them gan abi? They’re cool abi? As in very cool shey? I’m NOT a fan at all. They are doing well for themselves and thank God for them, but I don’t know. There’s something about their songs that doesn’t get me at all...especially that ‘owuyeahh’ sound they make…lol. Wo, it’s too early to start talking bout what I don’t like so lemme stop.

I want to work now, so catch u guys later!


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