Tuesday, November 9

My Celebrity groupie collage--lol

Sup? have you had lunch? ok good. i'm having okro and white rice....its veryyy sweet o! try it!

Here's a collage i did with all our naija celebs..i was really feeling myself that evening walkin up to dem randomly...i no even fear the nasty attitude that our naija artists have a reputation for...anyways, me too i was ready for them dat nyt. had anyone given me attitude ehn! i wud hav disgraced the 2 of us...loool. Here it is... who can you spot?

This is how i will even know if pple check out this blog sef abi i've just been talkin to myself...oya which celebs can u spot? Ansa o!!!!!



  1. Loove this!
    Where did u meet 2face & Fay Xui Li. She's my fave star/celebrity! Lmao
    We should add Austin too. The real austin!

  2. Xiu who??? oh her....nah, she works for me..washes my clothes to be precise...hehehe