Tuesday, November 16

sad sallah fall :(

See me o, I've been watchin 24 season 7 all day o, nobody disturbed me o. Den my little brother said I shud come watch 106&park dat there are new videos. So I left my room. Dats how dey were doing commercials and those pple can do like 20comercials at a go. So I said lemme take d opportunirty and take my bath. D main video I even wanted2 see was Nicki Minaj - Right Thru Me..so I rushed to take my bath..as I finished, I was already hearin d sound of the song as if it was already startin, so I wanted2 rush out. As I lifted my right leg to come out of d bathtub, d thing betrayed me and stayed on the edge of d tub and instead of stayin there, it slipped and I fell. I fell in a very disorganized fashion. My legs were everywhr and my neck hit d other edge behind me! Gaddam it hurts!! Even as I'm typin, d tin still hurts. My mom used aboniki balm to rubb it for me but still, I must check it out...

Sad sallah afternoon :(

No kissess,


  1. sorry darling can imagine how u feel

  2. thank u jare my love...i'm much better now sha..