Monday, November 22

what a weekend!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLIN SUNMBO aka Mamanino!!!

Sup babes and bobos. How was ur weekend?? mine was eventful..

Happy birthday to my sweet sweet friend Adesunmbo Ajaba! May alll your heart desires be given to you by God, and may God bless u and ur boys! I know its monday, but stiil, what are we doing later 2day? *grinnin* Lemme show u guys my fine friend!

dats her in the middle....oh and me on the left with my full hair!

selxy hippie
You guys won't belive she has 2 kids!! 2 boys men! see how hot she still looks.. oh boy if its like dis, i'm ready o!! Many more years darling!

This weekend was crazy sha! ok on saturday, i went to festac, then back to the island later in the evenin for the Soundcity Video Music Awards (SMVA). i had mad fun with my friends, but i wore heels, so i almost lost my ankles! damn i hate heels! ok sha, the awards was nice, Uti hosted...he did well. Then there were performances from pquare, Wizkid (fine boy), banky, ASA (My favorite moment of the whole evening), one south african group like dis (cant remb there name), R2bees (i love their beats men)......who again?.....ok Timaya, Mohits crew, Alapomeji crew (no 9ice o...even me i was wonderin). Timaya and Dr SID were doing some very irritating body wining stuvz. things dat babes do...mchew. 2face won 2 awards (yaay), banky won 2, then dagrin, goldie, pquare, one guy like dis dat won MTN project fame....dunno his name, some other african countries. i wonder why dey made the awards like and all african thing instead of just many name wey i no know. even dem sef no fit pronounce d names...smh. Sasha performed, and unfortunately for her, her back-up singer became the star of d performance and Sasha herself became back up singer! lmao! omashe...hehehe.i'm sure immediately they got backstage, the girl was slapped and sacked! hahaha

Then our very own Mr Nigeria came on stage and said 'everybody lemme HEAR ur hands up" chai! we nigerians are very mean ehn! pple were laffing like mad, den they started boo-ing him..eyaah sad...hehehe

Then at the end of the show wen they announced the after party spots to be Rehab and Tribeca, one guy not far from where i was sitting said 'we're going to Tapioka'!!! *dead* i almost choked on my tongue from lafta! sheeeet...instead of him to shut up or ask for pronunciation confirmation..loollll

Before i forget, lemme shout out my 3 frnds dat made that night possible- Chantel dashed me one free ticket, Bami dashed me 2 (went wit 2 of my frnds). then finally the sexy BULL, who took care of me and my friends all thru d nyt.. we hung out with R2bees n all (we Bull buy more suits o!! u really looked good!

Anyways, we went to Rehab, but my feet were still killin me. i was even walkin like i had 'iboton" (yoruba).

Then yesterday was my friend's sister's birthday.. she's more like my sister as well cos we've known for soooo long...anyhoo, so she did a little something in festac, and we had SOOOOOOOO much fuuuuuuuuuunn!!!! it was crazy! Happy bday again Aunty Yetunde! kisses

i have to work now, later guys... and sumbo, don't let all my above story make u forget about the fun u are going to create for later today o!!! lol



  1. You write just like u talk: plenty plenty things but at the end na laff... Pay me for dis ooo

  2. our mr nigeria is bush thats the conclusion.i see u were with my guys u go girl