Monday, November 29

Nicki Minaj's yansh

hmmmmmm, i love nicki minaj very very well!!! her flows are sick! as in have u heard Roman's Revenge with Eminem?? as in, my bb name is now Roman becos of that song! damn!

Bust ehn, something about her physical Aside from all her barbie drama, my girl has one kind of yansh like dis. yansh dat she did not have a few years ago.. if it is real, abeg tell me where to do it. me and a couple of my friends are VERY interested. lol. Oya lemme show u a recent pic of this wondaful yansh (which i honestly, absolutely, seriously belive its fake...not fake as in lipo, but fake as in butt pads!) Oya see for ya sef.

Side view

See yanssshhh!!

Open wide! lol

with drake...ashawo

Oya see my sister before!!

And finally (this is the KILLA) for those of u reading dis from ur laptops, here is a fideo link-

I refuse to belive she's as sexy as she's claiming!!! yaayyyy! *dancing*

 U see woramean??


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