Monday, November 29

i am now 24 oooooo! picturesss

hi guys, i had an awesome weekend! Sunday was my birthday, but my most fun was saturday nyt / sunday morn. i went clubbing with friends, we wen to 3 clubs (Bacchus, Marquee and Movida). It was awesome. we had sooooooo much fun! shout out to my friends dat showed up. love u guys.

Then yesterday, i was at the palms with my friends, we were supposed to bowl, but we got there late so we only ate and gisted, then afterwards, we got cake and went to swe bar for some karoke and also to celebrate! it was really nice. we were out till 12am, den dis morning, i woke up late, and almost forgot about a meeting!! too much fun sometimes sha.

What's really important is that i am very grateful to God for my life, i am grateful for my family and friends. Thank God for my job, and for the very kind people i have surrounding me. And as for the fake / bad people around me, y'all shud stick around, there is more of me to be seen.. in all things i give thanks to God.

Here are some pics from my bday, but i will still post more after i download dem from my friend's camera



i'm sure u can identify me? yeah i'm the mad black


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  1. It's good 2 c u had lots of fun! Also 9ice that u remembered to sope ti e!