Friday, November 26


Supppppppppppppp fellaasss!!!!! Ahhhhh i haven't blogged since MONDAY!!! gbese!

Wow, i have had quite a bz week sha.. my boss got back on Monday, and since then, na more work and extra attention of course Imagine him coming to my system and seeing a page opened called 'I Please Me'??? d guy go first

Sooooo, this weekend on Sunday is me n trey songz birthday!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! New year for me, and defo new changes! first of all, i attach too much iportance to irrelivant people and that has got to STOP!! ahn ahn, i'll be feeling bad about something i shudnt, and den the idiot / fool will now start riding on the wave..mcheeewww. Otondo oshi!

I also AM going to be closer to God, cos i need too!! I need strength and i shall find it Insha Allah... Other stuff as well sha.

Hope y'all are good? ok o. just checkin in on you guys. will post some interesting stuff before leavin d office today.


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