Saturday, November 6

Comment naaa :(

Good mornin lovasss!!! What's good? I have so many people (ok not so many YET) tellin me on facebook and bbm how my blog is really cool n interesting. Thank y'all sooo much I really appreciate, but please put comments here. Its good to kno what u feel bout each post and all...tenx tenx tenx!! Ok so I'm bloggin from my phone so I hope this actually posts. Haven't done it before.

Lemme give u people one gist.. There was one time a mallam (mai-ruwa) was fetchin water in our house. My mom noticed dat d guy kept coming and comin meanwhile there was only one big drum of water in the bathroom. You wouldn't belive where dis guy was puttin d d BATHTUB!!! I swear! Lmaaao!! We laughed sooooo hard! D douche was apparently gettin angry dat d 'big white bucket' refused to fill up! Mumu oshi!!!

Lastly, just so you know, I have a problem spellin words with 'ie' or is it 'ei' (belive, decieve, thief, chief, etc) I know there is spell check, but I'm jus tellin u.. Senter (my padi)has tried to teach me even with a Wateva!

Ok I'm gone...later darlinzzz


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