Monday, November 15

shout outs!!

hmmmmmmmmmm so i just found out that i have soo many friends who read my blog! don't mind them, their fingers can click and scroll but it can't type that's why they haven't been commenting...mcheeeeeeewwww!! i still love them tho...oya lemme shout some of them out!!

B.S oko mi atata , Debz my crazy somebody! my mirror, Sherri ashawo somebody, Sunmbo sexy mama of, Modus d sergent, Mchantel my fellow blogger (she comments), Busayo!! sweet quiet sexy somebody (she comments too), Feyi aka Meg (she comments too), Tolu my darlin, S.biggie! my lil bro, Nike aka many tins, Senterrrr!! my babyy!!, Lola designer baby! lolabuttonz blog coming soon, Seun aka shag, Victoria aka NELLY, Onyeka omo ibo..hehe, Toye, my biggest critic! DOYIN GEORGE - my maaad friend that i always feel like killing..arrrgghh,....*thinking* ok i think thats all.. and i tot they were plenty.....well, my fan base is growing *grinning*

Well, I love u guys plenty!!!! keep repping geneva diva aka, tunmama, aka nicki minaj, aka beyonce, aka tokyomama1, aka, anythin sexy...looool

u pple shud BETTER start commenting if not no more stories for u!!! ur days will go back to being boring *buhahaha* *evil laff* *dancing* ...lool

later jo! 



  1. Weh, I for no talk o buh since u don decide 2 label me as ashewo I guess I'll havta talk *wetin I wan talk sef* Weh, sha nice one be be.

  2. lucky u mentioned my name i would have sent rats after u lool

  3. Mamanino was here *testing!!!

  4. Wow! I can post a comment *now dancing sir shina peters "pelemo pelemo pelemo" *clears throat.
    Ok I'm d sexy moda of 2 y'all.aka mamanino*she kinda 4got to add dat. can ever meet. Safe to say I'm gorgeous too. *Blushing*Enough Sunmbo.
    Ok ok ok I love this blog n it makes my day.
    U goo geil. Tunmama rocks
    Plus senter!!! That's one name she neva stops mentioning. Guess its about time I meet d Man...SENTER!!!!come out come out whr ever u ar.*mischief*#okbye

  5. lol... finally!! yuup i forgot to mention mamanino.. love u babes