Monday, November 8

End of d day.....brain not at its best sorry.

Yo people!!

How was ur day?? Mine was freaking busyyy, dats why i didnt say much all day.. i'm pretty tired now. how many of you read the Sagittarius post? hehehe, long ass shit right? Anyhoo, my brain is unfortunately not functionin fully now, so i don't really have any major gists for you guys, but tomoro morning, una go hear

i wish i had a sister :( its so sad sometimes, and thats why i have like 5milion girlfriends...if you call me, if i'm not at home chilling with my mom and bro, i'm definately with dose babes...sometimes sef, having too many girlfriends is wahala...even with a free heart like my own, to think anoda person will be thinking ill of me! damit!! shola, feyi and lekan have kuku warned me many many times but my ears no dey gree! dats why i wish i had a sister! she will fight alll my fights for me! hehehehe...

ok o!! life goes on sha! out with the old, in with the new! oh yeah, lemme show u pple a picture of me...something to make u guys sleep well...hehe

Girls are not smiling!!! *straight face* na only me dey cinema dat day! loool.. nyt darlings...



  1. omo see riding solo now.lwkmd u must have been very eager for a movie or the movie was jst too boring for others to watch.loooool

  2. nah..i was in ghana o! bored outta my life tryin to while away time before goin2 d airpot