Tuesday, November 9


hi guys.. saw this online and it made me think. Really think. My own life needs to be reconstructed as well. Hope this does something to you:

Does your life need reconstruction?  If so, it could require minor reconstruction or major reconstruction.  In either case, the key to rebuilding your life is to rebuild your thought life.
If you try to rebuild your life without addressing your thought life, you will be focused on outward things.  The outward aspects of your life are built upon the foundation of your thought life.  Therefore, if you do not have a strong foundation, none of your reconstruction will stand. 
God knows your thought life.  Therefore, make your thought life the center of your relationship with God.  Share every thought with Him.  Also, try to quiet your thoughts so you can hear His!  If you succeed at this, every other aspect of your life will be built – and rebuilt – on a solid foundation.