Thursday, November 11

Tunmama's word of the day.....Positivity

Hello darlings...

Taking a positive approach to life will bring many rich rewards. Yet forcing yourself to be positive is not the way to get there.
Forcing yourself to be positive is not being positive. Fighting against negativity is not being positive.
When you merely try to be positive, your focus is on the trying and not on any actual positive substance. The very act of trying to be positive is a clear sign that you're not.
Instead, allow yourself to be naturally positive by experiencing, in your mind or in your world, what you truly love. Let go of the striving and let love be.
If positive thinking is just another item on your list of things to do, it won't bring you any real value. Instead of making it a chore to be positive, just give it room and reason to easily and naturally grow within you.
Seek less judgment and feel more joy. Be naturally positive and authentically empowered.


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