Tuesday, November 9

Modellin somebody.....gd mornin lovas!

Good morniiiiiiiiiiing!! Got to the office this morning and the generator is giving wahala….im sooo angry I cant work!!! *NOT!!* me wey I wan blog before sef.. mcheeeww. Abeg maintainace guy try tey small before you get here. Please don’t look at me like I don’t like work o! infact I like it…fullstop. Lol.
Sooooo, did I tell u guys I speak French??? As innnn I’m gangstaaa! If you hear me speak it ehn, u will fall madly in love with moi! I’m cool like that. I learnt it abroad!! *Niger Republic* YES! Its abroad and I don’t care what you think. Shebi its not Nigeria? So its abroad thank you very much! I have lived abroad and its Niger Republic…go and kill yourself…. lol. I didn’t study the language tho so I cant save my life writtin French, but I can read it well, speak it well, and write it kinda. I only lived in a French speaking environment and had French friends all around…

I used to be a model o! dat was wen my stats were still 35-27-41! Yuupp I was hot and hot! That time ehn, I used to go for castings at insight in ikeja…lol. I never did runway o! runway ke? I’ll prolly fall. So I was limited to only ushering jobs…L *how sad* Oh well, now it’s a completely no go area! My stats have taken a new turn…hips alone is almost 45 *covering face* tummy still IN-tact..get it…in not out…sexy shic!

The gen is back on now, so lemme get to work and leave you guys with a pic of me in my wannabe-modellin days.

das me in the black skirt... J



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