Friday, November 19

hello ladays n fellas

I have been dulling u guys o! ahn ahn! havent blogged since Tuesday and i only did one post! o ga o...cud it be lack of comments? nah, that shudnt stop a beast like me!! 

ok so what has been happening o? aside from my fall, nothing major has happend sha. except that i slept welll last night after 2weeks of no light. they brot the light, and i slept with the a/c on full blast..i was so f**king cold, but i have been sleeping in heat for so long, i was ready to freeze until help comes..

Abeg why do people wear sunglasses to the club and into dark zones? seriously, how can that be fashion? its so sad when i see people do dat..haba! its dark already, den u use something darker to cover ur eyes..u dey mad?? abeg thats foolish jo. pple shud stop doing dat shit...

i have been very sad for the past few weeks from all the heat, then also other personal issues going on in my life...really pray it goes away, cos i'm not cut out for sadness! 

i'm so excited for the weekend.. i'll be in festac all weekend chillin with my darlin sholls...

y'all should have a very cool weekend!



  1. keep it up, ilike ur blogs

  2. o ga o help me ask them,they think they can pull it off cos for their mind them be jay z or d'banj.

  3. even jay z and dbanj sef no get sense for doing that bullshit! u are only allowed to wear sunglasses in d dark if u hav apollo or somn...smdh