Thursday, November 4

Oh what d hell, one more! Trey Songz!

Dat guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dat guy!!!!!!!! what has he done to me my Lord! before i continue, he and i are birthday mates, so i totally understand y i cant stop thinking about him and vice versa *straight face*. He is so damn sexy! Honestly, i am a SERIOUS groupie for trey songz. I'm into slim dudes with well cut bodies...i can't stand someone that is fat jare..wetin?? i beg u God please do not use my mouth to give me what is not...

So sha d guy does it for me long and short. i have a friend that said she is into busta rhymes, timbaland and OJB Jezriel (spelling??) i said whath???? ki lon fi she?? (what are they used for)? as in eeeeeww! No offense to my chubby male readers, there is defo someone out there for u (my frnd debz will def be reading dis and i'll giv u her deets if u

i'm going home now o! Peep this tho...

.if i catch dis phookin geh ehn!! anyhoo...yuuuummmmy!!! 


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