Monday, November 15

good mornin...hope u guys slept this weekend...i didnt

Good morning guys.. sorry i didn't blog this weekend. For the past week and more, we haven't had light.. why is dis happening now??? i tot it was the whole lagos, but apparently not! its just bloody where i stay!! what the hell??? my gen didn't work for 3 days..ah lord! i haven't had sweet sleep for the past week o!! except one nyt when i slept at my frnd's place. i'm not enjoying this at all! my gen even burnt my blackberry charger, so even in the dark wen i can't sleep, i can't chat or even blog...ah!!!

Other than that, my weekend was ok sha. i went to the airport to pick my frnd's sis on saturday, then in the afternoon i went to chill with my sweetheart (sholls), then in the evening, Sunmbo, Feyi and i went to see a movie 'You Again'. it was a verry funny should see it.. starring Betty White, Kristen Bell and Jamie Lee Curtis. Then i slept at feyi's place that nyt. on Sunday i was with my mama and bro...just chillin..i can't wait for this sallah break (tomoro and next) when i will chill at home doing nothing....there is lite there so yaaay!!

i'm in the office now...lemme do some work. i'll come back in later with stuff..


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