Wednesday, November 10

TV series i absolutely LOVE!

Family Guy!!! the crazy cartoon series dat i watch! God bless u feyi for introducin me to life has neva been d same!

Father is Peter (mumu) Mom is Louis (known to have a wild, first son Chris (ode, kinda gay, blond), MEG!!(self-conscious unatrractive babe, feyi's fav character..evryone disses her), Stewie (dangerous baby..talks like an adult, possesses mad weapons, and always plottin to kill his mom...lmao!) and Brian (the family dog who talks, doesn't blive in God, and is quite intelligent)
Chris, Lois, Stewie, Peter, Brian (dog), Meg

notice meg is dressed up as somethin..i swear i dont kno as what??? Lmao!
There are other characters as well, but these are the basics. you guys must watch!

One Tree Hill...i love this one as well...very sweet!! its a Teen Drama about two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, living in the fictional town of Tree Hill, NC. Lucas was abandoned at birth by their father, and lives as a loner with his mom and best friend Haley James. Both brothers have a love of basketball, and when Lucas moves from playing in the park to playing for the varsity team, they must deal with the fact that they have to see each other, despite the fact that they hate each other. Lucas must also deal with being thrust into a whole new circle of friends. To avoid dealing with the downfall that most shows experience when their characters go to college, in its fifth season, it jumps four years into the future after they have all graduated.
Peyton, Lucas, Hailey, Nathan and Brooke

24! action series...Jack Bauer will never die! looool..

Jack Bauer

Ugly favourite characters are Marc and Amanda....hilarious duo..loool

Desperate Housewives...mad set of women with diff mad characters.

Catherine, Susan, Lynette, Bree, Gabrielle, Eddie

And finally Entourage!...boys chilling and living life in Hollywood.. Ari Gold is my fav character..

Ari |Gold and his gay assistant Lloyd..lmao i looove these 2

Johnny Drama, Turtle, Vince, Eric, ARI!!

Thanks all folks! all these series are verrry sweet...please look for them and watch!


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